Road Safety Week 2011 will be held on November 21-27, 2011. The event, organised by Brake, the road safety charity, is open to everyone to help promote road safety during this established national awareness event.
Brake is encouraging schools, communities, companies and road safety professionals such as emergency services, health workers and local authorities to all get involved to help raise awareness of road deaths.
This year's theme for Road Safety Week is '2young2die', a campaign aimed at preventing young people dying and being injured on roads. In particular, crashes caused by young drivers; crashes that kill young people in cars and on motorbikes, other road users, and often due to speed, overtaking dangerously, drink and drugs, and not wearing seat belts. Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people. In 2009, 11 young people were killed and 125 more were seriously injured every week in Great Britain.
People taking part in the week can choose to run an educational or campaign event on this theme, or on a different theme of their choice. Brake is also urging people to consider fundraising for the charity during RSW11. Brake provides services for road crash victims, including a helpline. Brake also provides campaigns for road safety in schools, colleges, companies, communities and the media.


Date posted: 7.1.11




Go to for tips and ideas on getting involved and to complete an online form telling the charity your plans for the week.