roseparkA high-profile group of fire safety professionals has called for better building regulations after viewing exclusive footage of the 2004 Rose Park fire.

The fire at the care home in Uddingston, Scotland claimed the lives of 14 elderly people due to what the official fatal accident inquiry described as "systematically and seriously defective" fire precautions and training.

Now, fire safety professionals from across the country have been able to see for themselves moment-by-moment account of what happened during the tragic fire.

David McCarrey of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service sought special permission to show the draft version of the film at a recent seminar staged by Warrington Certification Limited (WCL).

Simon Ince, manager personnel certification schemes WCL, said: “This series of fire safety seminars has been designed to assist the duty holder to manage their fire risk”.

“Fast and cheap is often the requirement these days for those seeking fire safety services. Unfortunately, in the event of a fire or a fire service audit, the buck can stop with the duty holder, unless they can demonstrate due diligence in the selection of contractors”.

Other speakers at the event included Niall Rowan of the Association of Specialist Fire Protection, who spoke about due diligence in the process of fire safety certification and Ian Birch, of Tor Coatings, who examined rapid flame spread from multi-layer paint.

The event held in Glasgow, was the second in a series of seven seminars being held around the UK by WCL. The next seminar will be held at the Britannia Country House Hotel, Didsbury, in Manchester on Wednesday, April 24.

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