16.10pm FIRE_EditorFirecrews respond to disorder around the country   

15.46pm FIRE_Editor:Twitter indicates possible areas to stay away from tonight are Canary Wharf, Putney, Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Balham, Oxford Circus. 

15.15pm viceuk:Trouble brewing in Hoxton. Apparently a man ran into Hoxton Square screaming "They're coming! Clear the square!"  

12.30pmFIRE_Editor:Largest police operation so far as trouble spreads across the UK  

12pm FIRE_Editor:Parliament recalled following rioting across the country  

 11.30am FIRE_Editor: PM Recalls Parliament as Riots Spread  

11am FIRE_Editor:FIRE Editor Andrew Lynch reports on the overnight rioting across the country  

11am FIRE_Editor:Bristolfirefighters responded to civil disturbances in the early hours of the morning  

11am FIRE_Editor:Home Secretary condemns London riots  

10.30am FIRE_Editor:Parliament recall to tackle riots  

10.15am FIRE_Editor:Firefighters in the firing line as riots escalate  

10.15am FIRE_Editor:'Inexcusable' Violence Spreads Through London 

10am FIRE_Editor:Home Secretary condemns London riots. Home Secretary confirms that 215 arrests have been made in connection wi… (cont)  

10am FIRE_Editor:Londonriot statement from Theresa May  

10am FIRE_Editor:Civil disturbance in Liverpool as Merseyside firefighters tackle car fires  

9.30am FIRE_Editor:Firefighters in the firing line as riots escalate  

9.30am FIRE_Editor: Looter caught on Twitpic!  


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