Electricity company UK Power Networks created a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which sets out procedures and responsibilities in the event of an incident involving electricity, to ensure safe working areas.

UK Power Networks, which distribute electricity across London, the South East and East of England, will work with the capital’s fire and rescue service to quickly make safe any electrical equipment which would pose a hazard, so that emergency services’ works can be carried out without delay. An MoU has now been agreed with every regional Fire and Rescue Service in the communities the power company serves.

Peter Vujanic, head of health and safety at UK Power Networks, said: “Working safely and maintaining the safety of the general public and the people who help them such as the emergency services is our top priority.

“This Memorandum of Understanding defines protocols which will ensure any incidents involving electricity and fire are dealt with in an effective manner providing a safe working area for firefighters.”

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “We are pleased to work with UK Power Networks to enable a safer approach to incidents involving their infrastructure.

“This will make staff attending such incidents from both organisations safer and will also assist in restoring essential power supplies.”