Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service - along with West Yorkshire FRS - is the first fire and rescue service in the country to be recognised as 'excellent' in the realm of equality and diversity.

A recent government report says Merseyside's approach to equalities is 'lead strongly by elected members and senior managers, and underpinned by the widespread commitment and enthusiasm of staff at all levels.'
The Peer Review also said that Merseyside has a 'well-embedded approach to equality and diversity, and has translated this approach into a wide number of highly effective outcomes for local communities and their own staff. This is a long-standing and refined approach which includes a structural understanding of their vulnerable communities, significant year-on-year equality improvements and a broad range of projects and initiatives to target its work at the most vulnerable'. The review particularly commends the work of the fire service community advocates.

Councillor Tony Newman, Chair of Merseyside Fire, and Rescue Authority and Equality and Diversity champion, said: "It is a great vote of confidence in the work of management and all our staff making sure the service reflects the communities we serve and targets our resources to those who are most vulnerable."
Recommendations within the report include the sharing of good practice, possibly mentoring another fire and rescue service which is at the 'developing' level. Merseyside DCFO Mike Hagen and CFOA lead on Diversity, said: "This recognition is great news for our communities and our staff who have worked so hard to reach and influence those who need us the most. I am sure the outcome of the assessment will encourage us to go even further in the future."


Posted January 11 2011