carcrashFire and rescue services across the country are getting ready to take part in a national week of activity from 9 to 15 June, promoting road safety to local communities.

Co-ordinated by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA), the overarching message of this year’s UK Road Safety Week is: ‘Be Safe Out There’.

Paul Fuller said: “We know that fire and rescue services have already helped to improve road safety, through targeted local educational programmes, and that FRSs are world leaders in casualty care and extrication techniques after Road Traffic Collisions. This week of events and activities will allow us to engage with partners and our local communities to work towards our ultimate goal of zero deaths and reduced injuries on UK roads.”

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During the week, fire and rescue services will be demonstrating their commitment to improving the safety of the UK roads, by working with local partners to arrange events with targeted road safety messages for their communities. They will be working to get safety messages across to all road users, and in particular to pedestrians, young drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Deaths and injuries on the road affect not just the individual – the lives of families can be destroyed by losing a loved one, or changed forever by having to care for a family member with life-changing injuries.

The week is also being supported by national partners including the Highways Agency, Department for Transport (DfT), Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), Brake, Road Safety GB, RoSPA, RoadSafe, TyreSafe, Living Streets, the RAC Foundation and the MAG Foundation.