uniform dating firefighterDo firefighters get you hot under the collar with sufficient amounts of steam rising to warrant a call to the fire brigade? You’re not alone – from our studies we’ve found that firefighters are rated amongst the top five most attractive people in uniform. It seems almost everyone has a thing for dating firemen. Maybe it’s the heroic acts, maybe it’s the firemen uniforms – we decided to ask out members at UniformDating.com what they think.

Most of our members considered someone in a fire fighting uniform to be loyal, dedicated, genuine, honest, and caring. Potentially people see them that way because their job is to save and protect people whilst risking their own live. This selflessness and protection is something we also found members to find very desirable. Luckily for them there are some single firefighters to catch!

What’s more, people consider someone wearing a fire fighters uniform to be more attentive and loving, a more affectionate partner, as well as a more attentive lover. Our survey suggests that people genuinely believe that someone in a fireman uniform will be a better partner!

The reasons to date a firefighter seem many and if you’re already sold on the idea of finding yourself a hottie with a hose (a single fireman that is!), here’s how you can go about it:
1. You can borrow a friend’s cat, get it stuck up the tree and call the fire brigade for help…alternatively you can get yourself stuck in a tree. Neither idea is a particularly good one as you may injury either yourself, or your cat, before you get to date a firefighter. And let’s face it: the fire fighters showing up might be neither single, nor attractive to you.
2. You can drive around looking for places on fire, then hang around waiting for the fire fighters to arrive. This will take a lot of time and may start to look a little suspicious after a while – pyromaniacs are not usually dating firefighters from what we gather.
3. You can sign yourself up to popular dating website UniformDating.com. It is quick and easy to register and you will be given access to our extensive database of single uniformed people to start chatting to, today. This is the easiest and most effective route to take if you want to be dating a fireman.

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