landroverSJAShared ‘blue light’ working has resulted in Minehead St John Ambulance crews benefiting from a unique driver training opportunity from Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service.
After St John co-ordinator Robin Cramp passed away recently. Robin often provided the off road driver capability in the Landrover Ambulance based at the SJA unit in the town; a capability that is currently reduced. 

Phil Martin, the Area Manager responsible for Community Safety and Risk Reduction in Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service lives in Minehead and recently won a Landrover experience day at the Service’s vintage fire engine rally in Devon.

But having heard that SJA's off-road driver capability has been heavily reduced since the passing away of former co-ordinator Robin Cramp, AM Martin donated the experience to SJA Minehead to have one of their drivers sent on the day’s training.

Opportunity to help deliver important medical services
He said: "Whilst the Landrover experience would have been great fun, the prize created a serious opportunity to assist a St John Ambulance driver to deliver their important medical services at a wide range of local events. I was fortunate to have known Robin for many years and gifting the experience has given me an opportunity to pay my respects to him in a very practical way."

SJA volunteers provide essential first aid support and they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Unit Manager Janice Malarkey will now be completing the driving course and said: "We are very grateful for Phil’s kind gesture. Robin had great skills in off road driving that benefited a number of people over the many years he served with St John Ambulance.

"I hope that the skills I learn will give me the ability to deliver the level of support our four wheel drive capability has provided to the many events we attend over the course of a year."