South Wales crack down on grass and mountain fires

Firefighters across South Wales have been mobilised to tackle a large number of grass and mountain fires.

The grass fires, many of which are believed to have been started deliberately, occurred primarily in the period leading up to and over the Easter holidays. Martin Henderson, Head of Risk Reduction, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, condemned deliberate grass fire setting: "The financial cost of deliberate grass fires is just one issue, the real costs of deliberate grass fires are less tangible. These include the destruction of the very the fabric of our heartland, the destruction of eco systems that don't recover so easily, the destruction of the wildlife and the destruction of the greenery of Wales - one our country's most valuable assets… ask any proud Welshman or woman.

"There has been recent and high profile national coverage of incidents elsewhere in the country - Wales has had the issue for years and its time to make a stance and make a change. There is now an opportunity for the public to say enough is enough, to report those setting the fires, make this culturally unacceptable and to make a choice"

Chairman, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Cllr Anthony Ernest said: "South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is joining with the police and its other partners to crack down on those who deliberately set fires. Anyone thinking about deliberately setting fire to the mountainside needs to realise that we will pull out all the stops to ensure that they are caught and could face prosecution." 


Posted: 11.35am, 10.05.11