South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is celebrating after being recently awarded with the Rainbow Mark Award from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Excellence Centre.

The Rainbow Mark Award is an equality mark sponsored by the Welsh Government and is a signifier of good practice as both an employer and service provider.

The award is a symbol of assurance to staff and communities that the organisation is driven by social and equality objectives; and is committed to real inclusion, parity, and that we value for all diverse communities.

Huw Jakeway, Acting Chief Fire Officer, said "Equality and diversity are more than just words to us at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service; they are key elements of our core values.

"It is unbelievable that discrimination, harassment and hate crimes against LGBT people still exist in our society today; and we have clearly stated our position to zero tolerance to such behaviour.

"I am very proud of the service receiving the Rainbow Mark Award, and whilst we are still on a journey this indicates how we are going in the right direction of being a fully inclusive employer and service provider."

Robert Hutton, Business Development Manager for the LGBT Excellence Centre, commented: "Whilst the introduction of the Equality Act has brought to the fore the need for organisations and businesses to address sexual orientation and gender identity equality, there is still much work to be done and within the current economic climate equality seems to be the last preoccupation for many. The efforts of the Fire Service to achieve the accreditation demonstrate great leadership in ensuring that organisational performance is driven forward regardless of budgets. We urge more organisations and businesses to follow their example."

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