South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority has appointed a new Deputy Chief Officer for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.
Huw Jakeway, currently Assistant Chief Officer and Director of Technical Services, was appointed as Deputy Chief Officer by an Appointments Committee of the Fire Authority on March 14. He will take up his new post immediately.

The previous post holder, Kevin Barry, retired at the beginning of March after 31 years' service. Chairman, Cllr Anthony Ernest of South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority, said: "May I be the first to congratulate Huw Jakeway in being promoted by the Fire and Rescue Authority Appointments Panel to the role of Deputy Chief Officer in this great organisation. 

"Huw has worked very hard at Assistant Chief Officer level to ensure all our front line staff have the safest procedures to follow, have the best personal protective equipment, the best design of water ladder, the best Breathing Apparatus - the list goes on.  He has been instrumental in ensuring front line staff is involved in the design and choice of equipment our firefighters have to use to ensure a successful outcome to all our incidents which we deal with on a daily basis. 

"Huw has been and will continue to be a member of the top team here in South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority.  The Authority is incredibly fortunate to have such a team.  Kevin Barry will be sorely missed and I wish him all the best for the future but I am sure Huw will step up to the mark and deputise for the Chief Officer when necessary.

"Huw will take over the service delivery role in its entirety and the other directors will very much carry on with their existing roles".

Huw Jakeway said: "I am extremely delighted and proud to be appointed as the Deputy Chief Officer. I appreciate the support and confidence from Fire and Rescue Authority members and my colleagues within the service and I look forward to the many challenges and opportunities my new role will offer."


Posted: 11.31am, 15.03.11