Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service has signed a memorandum of understanding with the River Dart Country Park and Rescue 3 (UK).

Group Manager Laurie Adams, of DSFRS, said: "River Dart Country Park is an ideal venue for our courses and is one of very few suitable places in the south west. The water is very clean and the geography of the river in that area mirrors conditions that we may find at real water rescue incidents. Most importantly the site gives access to Devon and Somerset firefighters to learn and practice water rescue skills, making them safer whilst undertaking their life saving role."

The service and Rescue 3 (UK) will host a suite of courses at the park for firefighters, other emergency responders, and commercial customers.

Paul O'Sullivan, Manager Director of Rescue 3 (UK) Ltd, said: "The partnership with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and the River Dart Country Park ensures that organisations in the region will have local access to high quality certified training in water and flood rescue from one of the leading providers in the UK." 

Roger Sell for River Dart Country Park said: "We are very excited to be involved with the Service and Rescue 3 (UK) to help train and provide the facilities that they require."

The service has expanded its rescue capabilities over recent years, setting up four specialist rescue teams around the service area. Each team is able to provide specialist skills at incidents including rescues from water. The teams will soon be equipped with powered rescue boats for conducting rescues from widespread flooding.

The exclusivity agreement excludes two existing clients organising water rescue courses, however the Park will not be taking any new clients.


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