David Tiley, of Arnold, Nottingham was nominated by the Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service following his courageous actions to rescue two people from a blazing lorry on the M6 motorway in the early hours of 10th November 2015.

fire medal for bravery

This courageous nominee has been awarded a well-deserved bravery medal by the Society’s Trustees.

Ian Chippendale, the chairman of the Society, described his rescue actions and, with Jon Charters from Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service, presented a medal and certificate to David Tiley, at the ceremony.

In 2017, the Society received its 27,000th nomination, this in its 182nd year of nominations of persons who exhibit bravery in fire rescues.

In each case the person or persons who have carried out rescue attempts have had their actions recommended to the Society, in some instances more than one person having need of rescue. The Society’s Trustees meet to discuss the nominations and make appropriate awards in recognition of the gallant rescue actions.

In the last 12 months awards have been made to 45 rescuers, all of them receiving a bravery certificate and three of them also being awarded a Society medal.

Founded in 1836, the Society continues to promote its objective of giving recognition to those who carry out fire rescue attempts, at a time when the dangers of fire, whether in buildings, vehicles or elsewhere, continue to threaten the population and show no sign of reducing. For more information about the Society – and how to make a nomination - please visit the website, www.splf.org.uk.