On November 11, three young children died following a fire in their home in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. The incident, which also left their mother critically ill in hospital, is a tragic yet timely reminder of the devastating effect of fire.


The National Fire Sprinkler Network is working to help prevent fire deaths in domestic properties through the installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems.


Iain Cox, Chairman, of the National Fire Sprinkler Network, said: "Earlier this month, proposed legislation to approve the installation of domestic sprinkler systems in all new domestic properties in Wales was passed through Stage 1 Measure by the Welsh Assembly Government.  It is vital that this legislation not only gets passed in Wales, but that it is considered for domestic properties in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland."


Assistant Chief Officer Dene Sanders, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, said: "As a fire and rescue service, we work hard to make our communities and our firefighters safer. When someone dies in a fire, it is absolutely devastating. Our advice to anyone is to get a smoke alarm, check it once a week and have an escape plan. Sprinkler systems would add to our efforts of protecting our communities and we would welcome this legislation being introduced in England."