In light of the county being declared the UK's latest 'drought zone' Staffordshire Fire & Rescue's DCFO has said that more systematic fitting of sprinkler systems in homes "can save water as well as lives".

"Sprinkler systems save lives and protect lives - there is no doubt about that," said Chris Enness, who is also CFOA lead officer for sprinklers.

"They also have a major impact on reducing damage to property and where this relates to a business or a school; enable business as usual to be resumed far more quickly and with less disruption. But there are other associated benefits.

"The statistics speak for themselves. The widespread use of sprinklers could save up to 96% of the 5.6 billion litres of water used annually in the UK to fight large fires - three months supply of water for the entire population of a city the size of Leeds."

With the government's controversial hosepipe ban affecting an estimated 20 million people in the UK, Enness explained how better sprinkler systems will activate sooner and put fires out before they escalate forcing firefighters to use as much as 10 times more water from hoses.

He concluded: "Clearly, our major concern in promoting an increase in the use of sprinklers is saving lives and reducing property damage. However, it would appear that given the other pressures on our natural resources there is an opportunity to join up the fire safety and environmental agendas."

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