Recycling fireFirefighters at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have praised the effective installation and use of sprinklers following a fire at a recycling centre in Stockport.

Crews from Hyde, Offerton and Stockport and Ashton were called to the blaze at the recycling plant on Ashton Road, Bredbury at 15:25 on Wednesday June 19. Two hours later, Station Manager Chris Mycock, who was also incident commander for the fire, praised the effectiveness of the sprinkler system for containing the blaze.

He said: “The sprinkler system saved the day - a number of sprinkler heads were operating, containing the fire in one area and the building was heavily smoke logged.

“Four firefighters in breathing apparatus went in, jets were used and the building was ventilated and the fire surrounded. We then worked with the on-site team and their machinery to dig out around 80 tonnes of waste.

“Had it not been for the sprinkler system limiting the fire, there would’ve been much more material involved in the fire and we would’ve been here for many more hours.”

The success of the sprinklers ensured the blaze caused minimal disruption to GMFRS and the building’s owners, as it was dealt with in a matter of hours, rather than potentially days had the sprinklers not been working.

Councillor David Acton, Chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, said: “This incident really highlights the effectiveness of a sprinkler system. I would urge other business owners to take a moment to think about how they currently protect their premises from fire.

“We promote the benefits of sprinklers and encourage people to install sprinklers through our Think Sprinkler campaign.”

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