dfrsDorset FRS were able to avoid a large incident yesterday [31 Oct] thanks to the presence of an automatic fire sprinkler system that contained a blaze in a Poole superstore.

Three crews were called out to the fire in the store's office area and managed to fully extinguished the fire so staff were able to start clearing the damaged area before reopening today.

The fire was small, causing minimal damage due to the quick activation of the sprinkler system, highlighting the benefits for businesses according to DFRS Group Manager Craig Baker.

"This incident provides clear evidence that sprinklers are a highly effective method of reducing risks for businesses," he said. "Automatic fire sprinkler systems ensure that businesses are protected from the devastating effects of fire and support economic sustainability.”

“Firefighters were on scene very quickly and thankfully their job was made much safer due to the prompt activation of the sprinklers, which meant the fire was contained to a very small area. This store was open for business within hours because the fire was detected and controlled by the sprinkler system very quickly. This has prevented months of devastation for the business, staff and the community who use it.”

Sprinkler systems do not need to be expensive but the costs will vary for each building. Sprinklers offer a range of benefits for the designers and occupiers in buildings on a long-term basis.

GM Baker added: "We want to support economic growth and support businesses with their development. We are urging businesses to consider the installation of sprinkler systems as a part of their growth plans, business continuity arrangements and the Service will provide advice to all businesses with any fire safety related matter."