Merchandise destined for the High Street in the run up to Christmas has been saved from going up in flames thanks to the sprinkler system fitted in a West Midlands warehouse.

The fire involved storage boxes on a mezzanine level in the four-storey building in Solihull but the automatic activation of the premises' fire suppression system limited the damage to just a 6m area.

Firefighters arrived at the site soon after the alarm but found the sprinkler system had already put out the blaze.

Area Commander Mark Harper, Strategic Head of Fire Safety for West Midlands Fire Service, said: "There's no doubt that we could have ended up dealing with a large-scale incident had the sprinklers not been fitted. This is a perfect example of how automatic fire suppression systems such as sprinklers can help to save life, property and stock.

"The evidence in support of installing a sprinkler system is overwhelming. A correctly designed, installed and maintained system will provide years of service. Sprinklers are designed to contain or even extinguish a fire in its early stages, dramatically reducing fire and smoke damage.

"A sprinkler system can be fitted to a brand new building for just two per cent of what it costs to build - a fraction of the expense thbat a fire can cause. They can also be retro-fitted."

More information on sprinkler systems and fire safety for businesses is available

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