sfrsAn Operational Assessment and Peer Challenge report has praised the “positive and unique culture” at Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The main key areas assessed by the six-strong team known as the “Critical Friend” included culture, organisational capacity, leadership, prevention , health and safety among many others.

They concluded that SFRS is “a very high performing service and there is enthusiasm and confidence for the future.”

Delighted with the Outcome
Chief Fire Office Peter Dartford said he was “delighted with the outcome” and that the review provided objective assessment of the Service’s significant achievements.

Amongst strengths recognised was the “infectious and energetic commitment to change with its transformation in addition to the high regard by its partners.

They emphasised the involvement of SFRS in multi-agency initiative in Stoke-On-Trent to help statutory and voluntary bodies to jointly help individuals “live their live.”

Passionate and Focused Department
Achievements in the organisation’s planning ideas ahead of assumed budgetary cuts were praised on top of its “empowered, passionate and focused” training department.

Recommendations and comments made by the review team will be used at the organisation for the continuity of effective work with the local people and partners.

The spokesperson for SFRS said that although the review was voluntary, the feedback received is invaluable and will continue to make a positive difference to the local people.

The full report is available at