With warm weather and the public enjoying the water this summer, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has issued advice on how to stay safe around water having carried out more than 385 water rescues, with more than 100 from rivers, canals or estuaries.

Since 2010, there have been 64 individuals who have suffered injuries due to a precarious position in water with 125 further individuals rescued uninjured  . The below infographic breaks down the details of these rescues (click here to view it in full on Pinterest):
 SWales infographic 
Andrew Thomas, SWFRS Assistant Chief Fire Officer said: "Water safety, especially in hot weather like we’re currently experiencing, is essential and we’re asking the public to take extra care when in or around water. Unfortunately, we have attended three fatalities so far this year in our rivers and our thoughts are with their families. However, these tragedies are preventable.

"If you want to cool off in the water over the summer break, South Wales has some fantastic beaches which are patrolled by RNLI lifeguards and boats and will ensure your safety. Try and avoid local rivers and water courses where you could get into difficulty and lead to potential life changing situations."

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service are advising the public to:
•Be aware of currents – reservoirs and estuaries may appear still, but have deep water currents that could affect even the strongest swimmers
•Check for tides, rivers (especially the River Usk) have small tidal movements which could lead to entrapment or depth difficulties
•Avoid jumping or tomb stoning into any water due to depth and potential cold water shock, there is also the risk of rocks
•Avoid going into water after drinking alcohol as it can impair your reactions and ability to swim

The RNLI recently released figures which showed that of 699 water related fatalities in the UK last year, 381 were deemed preventable.

For more information visit www.southwales-fire.gov.uk.