An heroic member of Humberside Fire & Rescue Service has been rewarded with International Fund for Animal Welfare for his amazing resuscitation of a dog rescued from a house fire.

When Sunny the terrier was passed to firefighter Mike Dunn she was showing no signs of life having been pulled from a house fire in Hull, but Mike gave her mouth-to-mouth resusciatation and provided oxygen therapy for over 30 minutes to bring her 'back to life'.

The terrier's owner's Ken and Beryl Honeyball called Mike a hero for his actions on 16 March of this year, and their praise was echoed by the IFAW's UK Director, Robbie Marsland.

"We are very pleased to be able to reward Mike's amazing dedication to rescuing both animals and people through his work and wanted to recognise his outstanding efforts with our Animal Action Award," he said.

The Animal Action Awards, supported by National Geographic and the People newspaper, are part of IFAW's annual Animal Action Week, which involve thousands of schoolchildren globally in animal welfare.

Despite aquiring the nickname "Dog Whisperer" amongst his colleagues, the firefighter said he was honoured by the award and insists the rescue was "all part of the service".


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Picture by Caters courtesy of IFAW