Freewriting and free speaking for academic writing purposes - signsFire protection is not something that can be taken lightly, so ensuring everyone understands the 'language of safety' is key. Candost Yalcinkaya of TTC wetranslate looks at the importance of good translation to effective fire protection as businesses become more and more multinational:

When it comes to making mistakes in many lines of work, the loss of money to a business is the most serious thing that can happen. However, when Fire safety is involved, a mistake can cause injury, or worse, loss of life. This is why there is no margin for error, and it’s important that Fire Protection businesses cater for all employees, whether they speak English or not, to ensure that all Fire Safety Regulations are accurately understood and adhered to. It is also vital that instruction manuals and other documentation are understood perfectly so that systems can be set up effectively.

Translation companies absolutely have to have full confidence in their abilities to translate technical documents and terminology so that they are completely accurate, especially when it comes to fire safety. Serious consequences can occur when Fire Safety Protocol is not fully understood, and whether you are exporting products such as fire alarms to another country, and planning for those who do not speak English to install them, then you are far more likely to have a successful export, and an easy to use product if the instructions for installation and use are properly understood and easy to read. Universal signs for Fire Exits and the use of pictorial images on Fire Safety signs are a great innovation, but some of these signs need to be explained too, so that the worst does not happen when an emergency occurs.

Can you imagine, for example, an employee having misread the training documents when it comes to knowing which fire extinguisher to use on which type of fire? Or worse still, not being able to understand the importance of ensuring that people leave the building by a certain specified route? Fire drills can only do so much to protect people from harm; when an emergency situation arises, you need to know that everyone is aware of the instructions and can follow them to the letter. Many people like to think that the worst will never happen, but putting into place clear instructions for both installation and use of fire protection products will give any business a much better chance than most of containing a fire if it broke out, and less chance of someone being hurt, the fire spreading, or worse.

When you do decide to use a translation company to professionally translate your products and services, it is definitely best to opt for one which has Fire Protection and Safety specific translation teams. Specialist companies, such as TTC wetranslate, can ensure that your instructions, training documents and installation manuals are understood fully by those who do not speak English. Make sure the staff understand Fire Protection and Fire prevention terminology and can translate to the relevant languages properly to ensure that, if the worst were to happen, your products or systems would have been installed and set up properly, avoiding loss of life due to failure to understand the instructions that were issued with your products.

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