The Purpose of MARS 

  • To test a multi-agency response to a major incident and validate standard operating procedures in a protracted incident
  • To put into place Silver and Gold Commands at which emergency services and civil contingency agencies work together to address issues of such an incident
  • Allow strategic commanders to observe and debate the command decisions and function necessary to mitigate and control a complex and protracted major emergency incident.

The Outcomes of MARS 

  • To test a simulated exercise to ascertain which methodology provides the best audit trail and learning outcomes 
  • Fully validate the standard operating procedures of all of the organisations involved
  • Facilitate a learning experience for strategic managers
  • Provide the opportunity for external delegates to examine the procedures and decision-making processes involved in a major operational emergency and to interact with silver and gold commanders to tease out why, where and when decisions were taken
  • Provide a full audit trail and learning outcomes for both the participants and delegates to assist in the formation of subsequent standard operating procedures.


To book your place at MARS contact:; tel: 0844 880 5061; fax 0844 880 5062.


Posted: 15.10pm, 24.02.11