Strategic Conference: 'Meeting the Ultimate Crisis Challenge: Creating a Common Operating Picture'. Themes to be covered during the conference will include:

  • Inter-agency working: optimal partnerships in incident command
  • Integrated approach to interoperability
  • Creating a common operating picture
  • Creating order from chaos
  • Homeland security alliances
  • Incident command compatibility and coordination
  • Multi-agency command and control doctrine
  • Lessons learned from the July 7th bombings
  • Cross-border cooperation
  • Large-scale disaster preparedness
  • Coordinated emergency response
  • Coordinated response to the global terrorist threat
  • Adapting to the changing threat of terrorism
  • International security considerations
  • CBRNE response and the Olympics
  • National operational guidance on CBRNE

Conference Outline: 

'Meeting the Ultimate Crisis Challenge: Creating a Common Operating Picture' is an aspirational conference that endeavours to bring together an elite selection of expert speakers and delegates to discuss joint operations and incident command excellence. As the world faces a large array of threats - from tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic activity to escalating terrorist threats - the need for governments and agencies to coordinate response is greater than ever.


This unique event will intersperse traditional conference speaker presentations with the Multi Agency Rescue Scenario - including live observation of an exercise simulation featuring Gold and Silver Commands as the major incident unfolds.  An expert facilitator will link key conference topics with live exercise outcomes. This will provide delegates with a unique opportunity to discuss key decision-making processes as they evolve during the concurrent exercise. This showcase event will provide a stimulating and open learning environment for experienced experts from around the world.


Day One of the conference introduces the large-scale disaster exercise involving a major cross-border chemical incident and the lessons learned from previous incidents.  Key issues surrounding interoperability and partnership working will precede analysis of creating a common global operating picture.


Day Two commences with speakers from both sides of the border discussing emergency planning provisions and emergency response options, before moving on to address a coordinated response to the global terrorist threat with expert input from world-leading counter-terrorism experts.  Conference will then move on to optimal partnership working including Olympic preparation, the emerging CBRNE threat, and developing incident command compatibility and coordination.


Interactive Conference and Exercise   

A simulated Gold and Silver Command exercise will be enacted at Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service's training centre. Utilising state of the art simulation software video links to the command suites will allow strategic level commanders to observe and comment upon activity at Silver and Gold Command. 

While expert role players enact various courses of action, delegates will have the opportunity to question and challenge the experts during 'time outs' overseen by an expert commentator. Conference delegates can observe the scenario and use the exercise toquestion the practitioners, and comment upon the responses as the exercise unfolds. 

Television screens will relay updateson the various scenarios with the role plays being frozen at key points to discuss possible courses of actions. As the media plays such an important role in large-scale incidents, MARS will also feature Press Conferences, during which incident commanders will be challenged by reporters and delegates. 


Posted: 15.06pm, 24.02.11