• Fire and rescue services from every region of the UK have taken up the print/digital bundle offer including all eight from the South East
  • FREE personal development masterclass workshops will soon be available for all ‘FIRE for All’ subscribers
  • Rapid take up sees over 30,000 new readers – three out of every four FRS personnel – now able to access the world’s leading fire magazine

Fire and rescue services from all over the UK have now signed up to FIRE magazine’s ‘FIRE for All’ offer, including all eight from the South East region[1]. The three Welsh fire and rescue services have also joined the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in signing up to the subscription offer which means every member of staff now has access to FIRE magazine. The bundle offer of print and digital copies has been developed to ensure everyone in the Fire and Rescue Service can have access to the magazine to support their personnel development.

Contributing to personal development is a key element of Fire Knowledge’s mission (the company which owns the magazine). Fire Knowledge Director Andy Fry says: “FIRE magazine has consistently kept its readers abreast of current affairs and leading professional practice, as well as challenging current thinking, exploring new ideas and, in doing so, helping to shape the direction of the sector. In short, FIRE doesn’t just report on the fire and rescue agenda; it helps set it.

“The ‘FIRE for All’ bundle offer has opened a window to the FIRE world for over 30,000 additional subscribers and, in doing so, created a new opportunity for 30,000 fire professionals to increase their knowledge and develop their professional practice.”

FIRE Editor and Publisher Andrew Lynch says: “I’m delighted with the rapid take-up and that services see the magazine as a useful resource for personal development[2]. We formed Fire Knowledge[3] to bring the magazine closer to the service and extend our offering for sharing best practice and developing professional knowledge. This gives us the platform to extend that contribution by offering free workshop masterclasses to our ‘FIRE for All’ subscribers.”

Former Sussex FRS Chief Fire Officer and new NFCC Chair Mark Hardingham was the first to sign-up his service to the ‘FIRE for All’ offer. He said: “The personal development for our staff, and the organisational benefits that brings, have never been more important as the UK Fire and Rescue Service looks to the challenges and opportunities of the next ten years. FIRE provides a fantastic way to share what is happening in the Fire and Rescue Service.”


To find out more about the ‘FIRE for All’ subscription package for fire and rescue services, contact Editor & Publisher Andrew Lynch at andrew.lynch@fireknowledge.co.uk or Subscriptions at beverley.rees@fireknowledge.co.uk.



[1] The following fire and rescue services have signed up to a bespoke ‘FIRE for All’ offer: Mid and West Wales, North Wales, South Wales, Scotland, London, Gloucestershire, Northumberland, West Yorkshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Bedfordshire, Suffolk, Northamptonshire, Hereford and Worcester, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Royal Berkshire, West Sussex and Surrey.

[2] FIRE magazine is only available through subscription to a print or digital edition and has no free circulation.

[3] FIRE magazine publisher Fire Knowledge was formed in 2019 with serving and former senior fire and rescue personnel.