TottenhamTottenham firefighters saved the life of a baby after her mother brought her to the fire station when she stopped breathing.

At around 5.30pm on Tuesday, 21 March, a woman knocked on the door of the station on St Loys Road with a young baby girl who was unresponsive.

Crew Manager Danny Cooper said: "The woman was inconsolable and handed me a green blanket. I thought that was it but wrapped inside there was a very small baby that was limp and had turned blue.

"We called London Ambulance Service straight away and Firefighter Stuart Haigh, Watch Manager Steve White, Crew Manager Paul Phillips, and Watch Manager Chris Haggar helped to locate an oxygen cylinder and a gas mask.

"Stuart and I placed the oxygen mask around her face and we started massaging the child's chest. After a few minutes the child came around and started breathing on her own."

The ambulance arrived shortly afterwards and took the child to hospital. The woman and baby popped back to the station to thank the crews.

Tottenham Station Manager Jeremy Barker said: "The crews calm, prompt and effective actions certainly contributed to saving this baby's life.

"From a personal point of view I’m extremely proud of their actions that afternoon and cannot commend them highly enough, they are a credit to the Brigade.

"This does prove what the Commissioner has said, that fire stations are at the heart of the communities we serve. If you knock at our door we will try and help you."

The Brigade's four year vision for the capital - including opening fire stations for communities to use - was recently approved by London's fire authority.