AquaMist 180Tyco Fire Protection Products has developed a new AquaMist Industrial Fire Protection (IFP) solution designed to protect small-scale or single industrial fryer applications.

According to UK government statistics, more than half of all fires attended by the fire services involve cooking equipment, with many of these occurring in restaurants, canteens, hotel kitchens and fast food outlets. Given this, Tyco has decided to extend its existing AquaMist Water Mist product portfolio, with a stand-alone solution that provides fully integrated fire suppression.

The new system’s low water consumption helps to minimise repair and clean-up costs and should reduce operational downtime. This new solution does not require any electrical supply or a separate water tank, making it ideal for small-scale or single installation.

Product Manager of Water Mist Alex Palau Bosch said: "Our new AquaMist IFP for small-scale fryers is flexible enough to protect the smallest industrial fryer applications and offers cost savings to both users and insurers. The new system enables manufacturers to select the most suitable solution for their project requirements."

AquaMist IFP for stand-alone applications has been developed to respond to the demanding requirements of food manufacturers includes a Tyco Red-E Mist Supply Skid and customised valve assembly and Water Mist nozzles, including AM31, AM4 and AM10. It is designed to be compatible with detection and suppression systems to protect the hood area, fines box and exhaust stacks of industrial cookers.

The new product is the latest to follow Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service's initiative aimed at reducing fire related injuries caused by commercial deep fat fryers.

Launching the initiative last year TWFRS Group Manager Darren Boddy said: “We have had to deal with several fires caused by deep fat fryers at takeaways and restaurants in the area recently caused by lack of training, misuse of equipment, faulty appliances and poor maintenance.

"It has also been identified through our post fire audits and risk based engagement programme that many of these premises have fire safety deficiencies and many owners are not aware of their responsibilities under the RRO (Fire Safety) Order 2005. To reduce this risk, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service will be targeting this sector of our local business community to raise awareness of basic fire safety with the ultimate aim of zero fire related deaths and injuries within this industry.”

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