Tyneand Wear Fire and Rescue Service has won an award for promoting better health among its workforce. 

The Better Health at Work Bronze Award was presented by Gateshead College as part of 'Better Health, Fairer Health'; a strategy intended for people living in the North East to be the healthiest in the country within a generation.  

The award scheme rewards organisations for their efforts and achievements in helping to improve the health, safety and welfare of all staff. 

The bronze level is related to basic awareness of workplace health which included: 

• A health needs assessment 

 Management commitment to health improvement in the work place 

 Promoting health issues in a simple format such as leaflets 

 Consulting staff on health issues   

 Promoting healthy eating options 

 General awareness of how health can be affected by work activity 

 Support for mental health and well being in the work place. 

Occupational Health Manager, Tony Thompson, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: "We surveyed all our staff and asked them what health topics they would like more information about. We received an impressive 682 replies and the top three issues - back pain, healthy eating and exercise - were then promoted through our intranet, on health and safety boards at all locations and in the headquarters reception area. Occupational Health Unit staff were identified as health advocates and health champions at each location to help deliver the promotion material.   

"A portfolio of evidence was submitted to Gateshead College and we were delighted when they told us we had won the bronze award. Hopefully, we can go on to achieve the silver and gold levels in the future." 


Date posted: 09.02.11