Road traffic accidentTyreSafe has shown its support of the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) Road Safety Week 2015 by offering a range of tyre safety education and awareness materials available for participants to use in communities’ activities.

The week (8-14 June) saw the UK’s fire and rescue services promoting road safety messages with a focus on the issue of young driver distraction.

Nigel Hutchinson, CFOA’s Road Safety Lead said: “Fire and Rescue Services see first-hand the devastation that road traffic collisions cause – and the life-changing impact they can have for young drivers, their passengers, and their families. In fact, road collisions are the biggest cause of death for young adults aged between 15 and 19. This is why we were keen to raise awareness of the dangers of distraction to this group, and to their friends and families – to help save lives.”

The target audience for this week was young drivers and their passengers although North Yorks’ CFO Hutchinson added that “driving distraction is a significant risk for all drivers, and if combined with the inexperience of a newly-qualified driver it becomes an even more deadly cocktail”.

Distracted driving activities targeted during the week included things like texting, sat-nav, eating and using a mobile phone – which statistics show increases crash risk four-fold.

Commenting on their support of the week, Tyresafe chairman Stuart Jackson said: “The Fire Service is on the frontline of road safety, not only dealing with the aftermath of accidents but also actively educating motorists in how they can reduce risks out on the roads.

“TyreSafe has consistently supported the Fire Service in its efforts to improve road safety and we are delighted to extend the offer of our resources once again to all organisations taking part in Road Safety Week 2015.”

The company joined other motoring organisations in teaming up with local partners including fire and rescue services to run many targeted local education programmes, working towards the ultimate goal of zero deaths and reduced injuries on the UK’s roads.

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