The 63-strong UK International Search and Rescue (UK-ISAR) team has now arrived at the destination of Ofunato City together with the U.S. teams from Fairfax County and Los Angeles County.  The joint teams are now establishing a tented base of operations to work from and will be commencing search operations within the locality. 

The devastated town has numerous large buildings damaged, but still standing that may yield survivors. At this stage of the operation the search dogs will be highly effective at detecting signs of life over the large areas involved.  

If there are any signs of life the teams will then concentrate their efforts in these areas with specialist tools that can penetrate reinforced concrete and metal to gain access to victims and shoring equipment that allows team members to maintain a safe working position during rescue operations.  

The coordination teams here in the UK are working closely with the team on the ground in Japan, providing them with information about weather conditions, the explosions in the nuclear plants, and updates from all the other international teams activities. 

Further updates about the UK-ISAR search and rescue operation will be released in due course.  


Posted: 12.44am, 15.03.11