The UK's satisfaction with its public services has markedly improved in the last year, yet the public voices deep concerns for the future of frontline service delivery, as the spending cuts begin to take effect - according to the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), from the Institute of Customer Service.

The British public are more satisfied with both national public services, including the NHS, Jobcentre Plus and the Post Office, as well as locally delivered services, including local authorities, policing and GP surgeries than they were this time last year.

However, under the fear of deep spending cuts, the public expressed grave concerns for future quality, responsiveness and accessibility of public services, according to the latest Index.

Institute Chief Executive, Jo Causon, said: "It is extremely encouraging to see the public sector improving its performance over the last year in terms of user satisfaction, however in the face of severe spending cuts and reductions in staff, public organisations now face a significant challenge to maintain service levels in 2011."


Impact of spending cuts on services 

However the public express deep concerns over the future quality, responsiveness and accessibility of public services in the face of public spending cuts, according to the Index.

The public most fear that the quality of healthcare will suffer - expressing a concern level of 7.5 out of 10, followed closely by policing (7.4/10) and council services (7.2/10).

In terms of the responsiveness of services, again the public are most concerned over the impact of cuts on healthcare (7.5/10), followed by policing (7.4/10).

Finally, in terms of accessibility, the trend is repeated - the public most fear the impact of cuts on access to healthcare (7.5/10), followed by policing (7.3/10) and local authority services (7.1/10).

Jo Causon, said: "The British public are clearly concerned for the future of their public services in the face of major budget cuts.

"The sector must be creative with scant public resources in order to maintain customer service delivery, as well as frontline staff engagement levels as the cuts begin to take hold."


UKCSI: Public services league table January 2011 




National services 

The Identity & Passport Service






Post Office


Royal Mail / Parcelforce




Jobcentre Plus


Local services 

Local Fire Service


Local Ambulance Service


GP Surgery / Health Centre


Local Police Service


Local Council




 Date posted: 31.01.11