Unblur announces the Fire Service College acquisition of Incident Command software IRIS Core, a first step towards creating a digital environment to train future Fire Commanders.

The partnership demonstrates the Fire Service College’s commitment to being a world leader within the digital operational environment, becoming the only command training centre in the UK to offer the platform.

IRIS Core is an Incident Command software helping front-line commanders to have all relevant data in a simple and single place, to share insights in real-time with other teams and agencies, and to automatize reporting & analysis processes. IRIS will support the Fire Service College’s students to be more familiar with the type of digital tools they will encounter in real emergencies. In addition to prepare them to adopt the most modern tools in incident response.

After a successful three month proof of concept, the Fire Service College has committed to a three year agreement with Unblur to embed their Incident Management platform in all Incident Command and Command Support courses.


Steve McLinden, Unbur’s Account Executive said:

”At Unblur we are delighted to be working with the Fire Service College and are looking forward to supporting the team in developing the new digital methodology for incident management and command support. We recognise the status and the ambition of the FSC in regards to the delivery and modernisation of incident command.”


The two purpose-driven organisations join together to bring digital transformation to the fire ground with Unblur IRIS Core and Tactics incident management. Both organizations aim to help Fire and Rescue Services with their operational and tactical needs through professional training. The IRIS Core platform will be deployed over the incident command and command support training courses, with complex and variable scenarios.

The agreement for the provision of IRIS Core and Tactics started officially on February 15th 2022 and establishes the Fire Service College as the only command training centre in the UK to benefit from Unblur’s platform in supporting operational training scenarios.


Dominik Wellmann, Managing Director for the Fire Service College said: ”This collaborative agreement ensures IRIS Core and Tactics end-user focused evolution, confirming our company’s commitment to supporting the Fire Service College’s commitment to enhance the learner experience with the latest technology and most innovative tools available to redesign the way UK's fire and emergency services manage incidents.”


In July, Unblur, the Fire Service College and our wider technology collaborators will deliver a multi-agency exercise and thought leadership event at the Fire Service College. Supported by our UK fire service partners, we will demonstrate our joint commitment to embracing the latest technology, to show the full capabilities of the IRIS platform within the complex multi-agency tactical and strategic operational environments.