ifeThe IFE has updated all qualification syllabuses for 2014. The revised syllabuses are available on the IFE website and can be downloaded as required - http://www.ife.org.uk/qualifications/. Prospective candidates can also download the examination application form and guidance on the application process for 2014.

The following changes have been made to the syllabuses for 2014:
• All syllabuses have been re-formatted and all information about each qualification is now easily available in the updated introductory sections
• Some papers/units in the Level 3 Diploma and the Level 4 Certificate have been re-numbered and some have been re-titled. However, content of the syllabuses is broadly unchanged and candidates will be able to use the same reading materials and the relevant past papers to prepare for examinations
• The Operations papers/units in the level 3 Diploma and the Level 4 Certificate have been re-titled to include Incident Command in the title. This reflects the fact that the syllabus contains this key element – existing content on Incident Command has been expanded
• At Diploma level the units on Human Resource Management (International) and Leadership and Management (UK) have been combined to reflect the fact that content overlaps extensively between this units. All candidates will now be able to take the same Leadership and Management paper

Examinations in October 2014
The IFE is planning to offer Level 3 Certificate examinations in October 2014 on a limited basis. This will be a pilot to test whether or not there is a demand for a second examination session each year. Prospective examination centres and candidates are invited to contact the IFE to discuss inclusion in the pilot and/or to provide feedback on this proposal.