Last week FIRE attended two key conferences discussing the future of the Fire Service in respect of urban search & rescue and the campaign for sprinklers in all new homes and we got some top Twitter and picture coverage from both - here's our pick of the action:


08:29  FIRE_Editor 

Here @mkdons complex for #usar conf w Bucks CFO Mark Jones openin by

sayin key is normalising usar to 'special rescue' #usar 

08:39 MadamBeckyAdams 

RT @fire_editor #firefighters M1 response this morn brings home imp of

#usar RT @bbcnews M1 closed after fatal lorry crash 

08:48 FIRE_Editor 

 CFO Wilsher says imp to react to international incidents #ISAR capability

outside=cap inside-'nvr know where nxt disaster will be' #usar 

08:54 oswestry1 

@FIRE_Editor trouble being some of the big UK brigades refuse to deploy

outside their boundaries, due to irrelevant SOP's! 

08:57 FIRE_Editor 

Bucks CFO Mark Jones says time to plan national rescue isn't in aftermarth

of disaster but when heads are clearer #usar 

09:04 FIRE_Editor 

Chris Boulton to give the govt perspective on #usar cue comedy jeers from

a room full of chiefs #fire #usar 

09:21 FIRE_Editor 

Boulton concludes by assuring that new national strategic resilience board

 will provide 1 govt approach+more cohesive collab with FRS #usar 

09:24 FireDes999 

RT @fire_editor CFO Mark Jones questions why national govt should dictate

his[Bucks] FRS policy when most funding local? #usar 

10:20 NFSN 

RT @fire_editor Stark warning from NFSN's Ronnie King on high-rise fire risks.

 With 50 years FRS experience he should be listened to #sprinklerseminar 

10:26 FIRE_Editor 

#SprinklerSeminar Ronnie King reports that over a 7mth period high-rise fire

occurs fortnightly with people killed or seriously injured 

10:32 FIRE_Editor 

Dr Dave talks about phenomenon of 'jihad-lite' & impact on #usar by altering

terrorist outlook-read more in current issue of FIRE mag #usar 

10:39 FIRE_Editor 

#SprinklerSeminar Does Callow Mount report provides evidence needed to

 retrofit sprinklers in all high rises? Certainly seems compelling. 

10:56 FIRE_Editor 

Intelligence is like doing a jigsaw puzzle except you often don't know the

final picture-Dr Dave Sloggett #usar 

11:08 FIRE_Editor 

#SprinklerSeminar BAFSA's Simon Rooks says Callow Mount report shows

 it's practical & economical to retrofit sprinklers in high-rise blocks 

11:10 CFOfireleics 

#SprinklerSeminar Costs for retrofitting sprinklers in high rises worked out

at £1,148 per flat! 

11:25 FIRE_Editor 

#SprinklerSeminar LFB Deputy Commissioner Rita Dexter says no evidence

high-rises more unsafe in London - prefers to target sheltered accom 

11:29 FIRE_Editor 

#SprinklerSeminar Steve Seaber says effectiveness of retrofitting sprinklers

 will work in other accommodation. 

11:36 FIRE_Editor 

#SprinklerSeminar Chief Fire Advisor Sir Ken Knight says housing associations

should be made aware of report's findings 

11:38 FIRE_Editor 

#SprinklerSeminar Sir Ken calls for risk-based approach to retrofitting sprinklers

such as in sheltered accommodation 

11:40 FIRE_Editor 

#SprinklerSeminar Huge benefit of showing cost effectiveness of retrofitting

sprinklers in high-rises is that they can be fitted anywhere! 

11:41 FIRE_Editor 

#olympic route network causin 'concern' for @londonfire AC Knighton not only

 getin to incidents but #firefighters getin to work #usar 

11:45 TheMasseyShaw 

A 250% increase in events for @londonfire June-Sept, Jim Knighton says will put

 'significant' strain on resources beyond stratford #usar 

11:54 FIRE_Editor 

@londonfire will focus resources outside #olympic venues as often get 'trapped'

 inside if panic during incident says Knighton #usar 

12:01 FIRE_Editor 

No specific threat against #torchrelay but much govt angst around disruption

according to @londonfire Jim Knighton #usar 

12:20 FIRE_Editor 

Virginia Beach CFO Steve Cover says how FEMA response went from reacting

like a hippo to a barracuda by deployin lighter support teams #usar 

12:33 FIRE_Editor 

CFO Cover worked on Salt Lake #olympics & says keepin team 'on edge of seats'

 with offsite training is key to incident response #usar 

13:48 FIRE_Editor 

Another issue @hertsfirechief commented on earlier was still lack of organised

 flood response since end of MIRG #usar 

14:19 FIRE_Editor 

@merseyfire CFO Dan Stephens says no other capability has expanded

effectiveness more so than #usar 

14:44 Jetreaction 

'@FIRE_Editor: CFO Stephens @merseyfire  150 tech rescue incidents p/a

question's whether  teams cost effective in larger county #usar' 

15:24 FIRE_Editor 

CZ CFO backs up CFO Stephens point about training demands of dedicated

#usar teams all havin 2wks off shift pattern #conflictpotential 

15:27 firehousezen 

Really? RT @FIRE_Editor: Almost all heavy USAR teams in world based in

Europe says Czech CFO Vlad Vicek making UK key to ISAR efforts #usar 

15:34 FIRE_Editor 

Interestin to hear about bioradar RESQTEC equip used by Czech USAR to

detect heartbeat+motion-def look to hear more #usar 

15:54 HertsFireChief 

@FIRE_Editor 2 issues, waiting for Govt to confirm who has responsibility

for flood rescue co-ordination in England, is Fire in Scotland 

15:56 HertsFireChief 

@FIRE_Editor 2nd issue, MIRG, Maritime Incident Response Group,

Fire Service responding to ship fire at sea finished as Govt stopped funding 

16:01 FIRE_Editor 

USAR #newdimensions has produced £100m savings but Chris Williamson

 MP adds benefit 'unquantifiable' as saves lives #usar 

16:04 FIRE_Editor 

Success of USAR #newdimensions is demonstration of what public sector

 is capable of according to Chris Williamson MP #usar 

16:09 WarrenEllison 

Level of #cuts esp in FRS is 'unsafe' & 'uneconomical' says Chris Williamson

who warns of impact on core #fire services #usar 

16:16 FIRE_Editor 

#firefutures failed to take on sector views+failed Chris Williamson invites

 #fire chiefs to help design opposition manifesto #usar 

16:18 FIRE_Editor 

So close out our #usar conf with Chris Williamson's offer to help design

opposition #fire agenda - thanks to @mkdons & Bucks FRS for event 

21:30 Cumbria_FireACO 

@FIRE_Editor: #SprinklerSeminar Costs for retrofitting sprinklers in high rises

worked out at £1,148 per flat!â€small price comp'd to 1 fire