February 14 saw the well@work team from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service hold an event to promote the benefits of keeping both heart and mind healthy.

Dr Jane Richard a volunteer from the British Heart Foundation gave an informative talk on maintaining a healthy heart and how the direct benefits of taking regular exercise, eating a balanced diet and being aware of dangers such as smoking, drinking, high blood pressure and stress. Dr Richard confirmed that prevention really is better than cure especially as heart and circulatory diseases are the UK's biggest killer.


Blood Pressure Monitors  

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service's Sports and Social Association (SSA) donated £1,000, which funded blood pressure monitors for each of Devon and Somerset's 86 fire stations.

Alison Williams from the Well@work team said: "To have the blood pressure monitors going on to each station is just fantastic and we're very grateful to Chris Snook and the other members of SSA for supporting and funding this initiative."

Chris Snook from the SSA, said: "The well@work team really drove the idea forward to ensure that the monitors arrived on time for 'Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind' day. The work the team are doing links in perfectly with the SSA and we welcome the opportunity to supply the blood pressure monitors as it means that staff can make a difference themselves.

"The fitness advisors have supplied information for the correct way to check and will provide further guidance as they arrive on the stations to discuss the blood pressure readings."

Paul Symington, fitness advisor said: "Regular blood pressure readings give up to date information about the heart and the condition of the blood vessels allowing a better understanding of your risk of heart-related illness and nip any potential problems in the bud. Ideally blood pressure needs to be taken every six months when you're over 40. If anyone is concerned about the health of their heart they should speak to their GP."

The well@work team was set up on the June 15, 2009 to raise the awareness within the service of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how to improve the work life balance. The team meets four times a year to discuss current issues around stress in the workplace and so far has organised: National Stress Awareness Day, Take your Lunch break day, Have a Fruitful day as well as Healthy heart, Healthy mind.


Posted: 13.28pm, 22.03.11