New websiteWest Midlands Fire Service has launched a new-look website at, along with its strategic plan for 2016-19.

A key feature of the site is an interactive version of the service’s Community Safety Strategy, where visitors can type in a postcode to see the types of incidents firefighters have been called to in their area and what it’s doing to address them.

The site’s pages are broadly split into ‘Your safety’ and ‘Your fire service’. ‘Your safety’ includes lots of advice to help West Midlands residents stay safe whether they’re at home or in the garden, travelling around or enjoying the great outdoors.  

WMFS’s latest news, advice on what to do in an emergency and for businesses, and details of the many training courses it offers also feature. There’s a new photo and video section, and the site’s content can be shared at the click of a button via popular social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ty Bhogal, Head of Creative Design for WMFS, said: “We’re delighted to be launching our new site, which shines a spotlight on the work of a modern-day fire and rescue service. There’s also a wealth of information designed to help keep people in the West Midlands safe whether they’re at home, at work or out and about.

“We’re very excited about the interactive postcode section, which allows people to see the type of incidents we’ve been called to in an area. The information can be viewed alongside other data, such as deprivation levels or age groups. It demonstrates how we continually analyse risk, and the measures and interventions we put in place to make our communities safer, stronger and healthier.

“We hope that visitors will find the content really engaging and interesting, and discover quite a few surprises about the work of our firefighters and staff!

“There’s also a section where people can join the thousands already signed up as WMFS Community Members. They’re playing a key role in helping to shape the future of our service and can make a difference by, for example, becoming one of our volunteers, attending some of our events or helping us to spread vital safety messages.”

WMFS’s three-year plan sets out the service’s priorities and objectives, and is available to read in full on the site. It explains how the WMFS assesses risks across the West Midlands, and how the service is as committed as ever to getting to the most serious incidents in a five-minute, risk-based attendance time.

Added Ty Bhogal: “We play an important role in helping people live safer, healthier lives and supporting West Midlands businesses and the economy to thrive. We do this via our prevention, protection and response work.

“To truly reflect the full range of services we provide, we’ve changed our guiding vision statement, which is now ‘Making the West Midlands Safer, Stronger and Healthier’.”

A new character animation has also been released by WMFS, explaining its work and how its vision, The Plan and its Community Safety Strategy complement each other.