While there was a time when autonomy and power were a problem, those days are over with the advent of LITHIUM-ION batteries. These are lighter, more powerful, have an excellent lifespan and recharge quickly.

LEADER's BATFAN 3 Li+ battery fan is equipped with removable LITHIUM-ION batteries (with a 50 minute runtime) that can be changed during the ventilation in just a few seconds and without tools. Several batteries give the possibility of multiplying the autonomy of the firefighting ventilator!



BATFAN 3 Li+, when paired with accessories, is more than just a fire ventilator.

It can be used :

  • in Positive Pressure Ventilation alone (PPV) or combined with other firefighting fans
  • in blowing or in extraction thanks to ducts
  • as a generator of high expansion foam (thanks to the foam adapter) to fight against fires located in:
    • underground installations;
    • cellars, basements, confined spaces;
    • installations accessible through the roof in order to spread the foam in halls or foyers just like a medium-growth foam generator



  • or as a mister (thanks to the mist system) in order to:
    • cool the atmosphere and the smokes;
    • or to facilitate the rehabilitation of workers.


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