Each year fire services, suppliers, industry supporters and more come together to celebrate the achievements of those in the fire and emergency services across the country. The awards are all about celebrating YOUR work, but you need to tell us about it first.

If you have been involved with or seen a project, team, individual or supplier who you think merits recognition for their work, then the EFEs are your chance.

So why submit nominations?

Celebrate achievements

As always, it is important to celebrate successes in the fire and emergency services. This year has seen fantastic initiatives begin, partnerships develop, new leaders emerge and, of course, those across the emergency services have continued performing their jobs under some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Funding questions, new developments in threats and devastating events have challenged the sector, but we must continue to move progressively forward. The EFEs celebrate the achievements, innovations and developments in the sector that will influence the future, as well as remind us of the fantastic work going on every day.


  Support equality and diversity

 The EFEs also aim to promote equality and diversity within the fire service. Theresa May’s comment of ‘96 per cent  white and 95 per cent male’ in 2016 rang true for many, and it is clear that the fire service suffers with a drastic lack  of women and BAME individuals. However, the EFEs aim to recognise and share the achievements of both of these  groups. Two years ago, the Most Influential Woman in Fire Award was introduced, as explained here by Catherine  Levin, and last year the inaugural Most Influential BAME Individual in Fire Award was presented. These awards aim to  promote the outstanding work these two groups have performed.



Enter our new award

This year’s EFE awards sees the introduction of The Unsung Hero Award. The award will be given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the fire and emergency services over the last 12 months, but may not have fully received the recognition they deserve. The winner will show a sustained and significant contribution to the community, demonstrating ingenuity and determination whilst helping to improve the lives of colleagues and/or members of the public. The Unsung Hero will be an outstanding ambassador for fire and emergency services.


And a fantastic day

Then there are the practical benefits to attending. The EFE award ceremony itself, held at the prestigious One Great George Street, is a fantastic opportunity to network with fire and emergency services, suppliers, training providers and industry supporters, who all share the same aim of celebrating the incredible achievements of the last year. You can take a look back at last year’s winners and a few pictures of a fantastic afternoon here. Enjoy a delicious lunch, sociable drinks reception and the opportunity to celebrate the work you and others have done, all in one of London’s most attractive venues.


To submit a nomination:

Entering couldn’t be easier, you just need to provide 300-500 words on why the proposed individual or team deserves to win the award. You can find out more about the categories and submit your nominations here.