Red Watch crews from Bickenhill and Solihull fire stations are using a specially designed Ford Fiesta which has been given impact damage and had vinyl graphics applied to illustrate the causes of road accidents.

West Midlands Fire servicemen are now using the car, which features slogans  "Just one more for the road" and, "Come on, faster, we're never going to get there" alongside photos of car crash injuries, as part of safety demonstrations for groups of young people.

The designs were put together by the team at Sign*A*Rama Birmingham South whose managing director Jeremy Andrews says were "delighted" to be involved with the project.

Red Watch Commander, Steven Hodgetts, said: "This car is a fantastic resource for us, and in the short time we have had it, it has already been put to good use.

"The visual nature of the car helps to graphically illustrate to young drivers the consequences of their actions. 

"We have also used it in our work with West Midlands Police as they try to combat street racing and I would like to thank Jeremy [Andrews] and his team for their in making this project a reality." 




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