Hampshire Fire and Rescue are pioneering a new lightweight camera that allows resuce dogs to transmit information back to search and rescue teams when disaster scenes are inaccessable to humans.

The wireless technology called PAWS (Portable All-Terrain Wireless System) was developed by UK firm Wood & Douglas and has been used at mock disaster scenes by  fire investigation officers and dog handlers from Hampshire FRS.

Grant Notman from the firm demonstrated the dogcam to the BBC at Fort Widley near Portsmouth and told reporters: "The dog can go into areas where people are trapped under broken floorboards and debris then officers away from the scene can view exactly what the situation is without the usual level of risk."

Notman hopes the device will be taken on by canine units within the police force and military too for operations after avalanches, drug raids and tracking fugitives.


Click here to see the BBC's dogcam demonstration video
Posted 05/01/2012