Thousands of homes are set to be made safer from fire thanks to a partnership between Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service and Gentoo, according the FRS.

The partnership will see the fire and rescue service deliver basic fire safety training to Gentoo staff so that they can offer simple fire safety advice to people living in its properties. This will include providing education around kitchen fire safety such as identifying risks and hazards in the kitchen and how to avoid them, offering simple smoking safety advice like the importance of stubbing out cigarettes thoroughly and disposing of them safely in non-flammable bins and advising people of the importance of having a fire escape plan in place should the worst happen.

Part of the training will also include identifying those who may be more vulnerable than others in event of a fire and linking with the fire and rescue service to offer a 'fast track' referral for a free home safety check. A home safety check includes checking that people have working smoke alarms and that they are situated in the right place; ensuring that they have a fire escape plan in place should a fire break out in their home and that they are aware of the importance of a safe night time routine, such as closing doors, unplugging electrical equipment and safe disposal of cigarettes.

Station Manager Gary Yates, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: "The majority of Gentoo homes are fitted with hardwired smoke alarms to give residents an early warning of fire which is fantastic − but we want to prevent fires from happening in the first place − and this aim lies at the heart of this partnership. Ensuring that vulnerable members of our community are protected from fire is a top priority for our service and working with organisations like Gentoo is an effective way of reaching as many of these people as possible through their existing links. Gentoo staff are in an excellent position to advise us of any fire safety concerns they may have about people they visit in their properties and they can act as our 'eyes and ears' when they are out and about. There's no doubt that the partnership will help make even more homes in the Sunderland safer from fire."

Ian Porter, Managing Director, Gentoo Sunderland, added: "Gentoo is committed to making sure our customers feel safe and secure in their home. We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service − not only will staff now be able to identify fire risks in our homes but educate our customers on the importance of fire safety. By using a referral mechanism for our most vulnerable customers we hope to help reduce the number of preventable fires in our communities."

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Photo: Crew Manager Julie Mullen, Colin McCartney (Gentoo Operations Manager), Alan Brown (Gentoo Operations Manager) and Station Manager Gary Yates


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