Unemployed young people in Tottenham, where last summer's riots started, will today begin a new week-long firefighting course which will give them the skills to get into training, education or the workplace.

A group of 18-25 year olds are set to take part in London Fire Brigade's Local Intervention Fire Education (LIFE) course at Tottenham Fire Station, whose crews attended several fires during the riots. The young people will learn rescue techniques as well as how to use ladders, breathing apparatus and hoses. The scheme aims to improve discipline, confidence and team building skills. Previous LIFE courses are usually for 13-17 year olds but this course is unique in being aimed at 18-25 year olds as people in that age range are amongst those hardest hit by the economic downturn.

This Tottenham LIFE scheme has been set up in direct response to the Riots Communities and Victims Panel report, '5 Days in August', which said that local public services and businesses could do more to get young people into the jobs market.

Chairman of London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority Cllr Brian Coleman AM FRSA said: "Lives and communities were shattered during the August riots and nowhere more so than in Tottenham. Firefighters are often out in the areas they serve, working to prevent or put out fires. This scheme is the fire brigade's chance to offer something extra to the young people of Tottenham.

"We really hope that the young adults on this course will use the new skills they learn wisely. This course will give these young people in Tottenham the helping hand they need to get back in to education, employment or training."

Cllr Bernice Vanier, Cabinet member for Communities at Haringey Council, said: "This is a fantastic opportunity for these young people to learn new skills which will hopefully help many of them to find a way into employment. I know that the previous LIFE courses for teenagers have been a great success, and hope that that the 18-25 year olds taking part this time round will gain a great deal from the week."

The course is being jointly funded by the London Fire Brigade and Haringey Council. The Council's 'Haringey Guarantee' employment scheme and the local Job Centre plus selected the young adults for the course and will offer them work experience at the London Fire Brigade or other partner organisations.

Haringey is the fifth most deprived London borough and the rate of unemployment in the borough higher the national average.

For more information visit: www.london-fire.gov.uk 


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