It goes without saying that the ability to adapt and respond to existing and emerging risks is crucial for any rescue or trauma professional. Here is what the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) is doing to support the industry through national challenges – beyond the delivery of rescue events.

National Operational Guidance and National Operational Learning

Through writing and continually reviewing National Operational Guidance (NOG) and supporting National Operational Learning (NOL) as an external partner, the UKRO Education and Development Team is able to produce guidance and ensure best practice across the board. Recently, a piece of guidance (accessible via the UKRO Academy website) was produced in collaboration with the National Fire Chiefs Council regarding lithium-ion batteries in vehicles. This provided an expert point of view and is the first in the series based on issues identified by NOL.


The UKRO has many subject matter experts in lots of the specialist technical rescue areas. By joining up their expertise, alongside the guidance and knowledge of universities and other academic bodies, they are able to promote and share learning.

Initiatives, Concepts and Technological Advancements

This is constantly evolving and the UKRO is linking in with business partners to improve and develop technological advancements in all aspects of the rescue arena. These include tool innovation with leading brands as well as technological improvements in all aspects of command and control.

International Support

Through the UKRO’s International Development Programme (IDP), they are able to develop and deliver international support with partners such as the World Rescue Organisation and FireAid, enabling them to share knowledge, good practice and provide educational support across the world.

This is forever evolving and the IDP has a proven track record in assisting and helping underdeveloped and less developed countries in all areas of road rescue and education.

The organisation has been working with Ukraine for a number of years now, focusing on training whilst also supporting the provision of fire and rescue equipment through FireAid partners. Plans to return to Ukraine this summer are currently on hold due to the conflict. Therefore, the organisation is working with the above partners on alternative methods of support.

Strategic Objectives

  • Developing standards, guidance and training materials for rescue and trauma professionals.
  • Assessing, assuring and reviewing organisations, teams and individuals to ensure the best outcomes for communities.
  • Undertaking and/or leading research and development into rescue and trauma-related issues.

To find out more about the UKRO or get involved visit: The organisation hopes to see as many services as possible at the National Rescue Challenge in Birmingham from Thursday September 29 to Saturday October 1, 2022 to share best practice, network and take part in some friendly competitiveness.