Are your Electric Radiators Safe?

Electric radiators now have to pass a great deal of safety testing and certification before they can be open to public sale, but this hasn’t always been the case. For as long as people have been heating their homes, there have been risks and dangers associated with the methods used. From wood fire stoves to gas and oil heaters, fire hazards and chemical risks are ever present threats for any household.

While electric radiators have proven to be the safest and most efficient method of home heating, cheaper or older models can still pose a risk to your home due to poor fire safety mechanisms, overheating, and increased risk of electrical fires.

The older an electric product gets, the greater its chances of shorting out. This applies to electric heaters as well. Electrical wiring from decades past may not have been held to the same safety standards of today. Combine that with the dated hardware used and general wear and tear from years of use, and older electric heaters can be at an increased risk of having an electrical “short” and causing an electrical fire. This is especially true in poorly built, low-quality radiators, regardless of age. Cheaper radiators are normally compromised with lower quality parts due to the strict manufacturing budgets they have to meet.

In addition to electrical shorts, many cheaper or older systems do not have modern safeguards to prevent overheating. If an older electric radiator is in proximity to a flammable object such as a blanket or piece of clothing, it could generate enough heat to ignite that object if the radiator lacks safety controls. This can put you and your family in great danger.

Not only should you think very carefully about what type of radiator you are selecting and the safety features, but also where that electric radiator is going to be situated. Placing an electric radiator directly under a picture, television, desk, sofa or any other sort of furniture can pose a great risk.

That is why it is so important to only use well built, high quality electric radiators that have safeguards for these risks. Dynamic Heaters are manufacturers of German-built electric radiators based in Poole, Dorset. They offer a removal disposal and fitting service for electric radiators across the UK.

“Having removed electric radiators that have caused fires, we made it a priority to ensure our customers are safe whilst heating their homes. Our products are designed with quality and safety in mind and we cannot express how important it is to choose a safe electric radiator”.

Liam White – Dynamic Heater Technical Manager

Having safety as a top priority, all of their radiators are designed with internal overheat cut-outs and use the highest specified electrical safety wiring. They are also manufacture in accordance with CE, TUV & Lot 20 regulations.


If you are looking for further advice and guidance on the safety aspects associated with electric radiators, contact [email protected]

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