Fire and Rescue Service response to Covid-19

From the very early days of the pandemic, the NFCC established a new committee to focus on Covid-19 response. I have the privilege of chairing this committee and have been working with colleagues from across fire and rescue services to provide support throughout the pandemic. As part of our work, we wanted to understand how fire and rescue services were adapting in all areas of their business, capturing it early on so that the learning could be shared and acted upon.

We commissioned research to look at the response to the pandemic between March and September 2020. Catherine Levin, Jim Owen and Dr Sara Waring interviewed chief fire officers or their equivalents as well as key stakeholders drawn from government, representative bodies and the Ambulance Service. The findings from these interviews form the basis of a 64-page report that is now available on the NFCC website. This article provides a summary of the research and its findings.


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