Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service has joined Aico’s #AlarmsSaveLives campaign to encourage tenants and residents to regularly test their fire and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. Two of their fire engines have #AlarmsSaveLives graphics adorning the centre water ladder lockers. Aico’s sponsorship of these vehicles provides support to Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service while also highlighting the importance of regular alarm testing to the general public.

The support to the fire and rescue services comes as part of a wider campaign by Aico, offering free CPD training and the use of their facilities, when appropriate. The campaign will focus on offering increased support to each of the 52 fire and rescue services within the UK, including Fire Industry Association approved training based on British Standard BS 5839-6:2019+A1:2020. Additionally, the fire and rescue services can utilise Aico’s #AlarmsSaveLives literature, consisting of posters, fridge magnets, coasters, pens and user cards providing helpful reminders and details on how to test Aico alarms.

Neal Hooper, Managing Director of Aico, commented: “For us, it’s not just about alarms. One of our core values is creating safer communities and this year we have decided to increase our support for the Fire and Rescue Service. We already have strong partnerships with several fire and rescue services around the UK, but feel we could be doing more to support and help create safer communities.”

Martin Lucas, Head of Fire Safety at Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service, stated: “Aico have provided unparalleled customer service and support, whether it be by Andy Sturgess, the Regional Specification Manager for our area, or the teams within the head office. They have worked to train all of our watches on the government standards and technical requirements, and have worked with us to educate local government on best practice. The island has never had support like this, everyone at Aico is always going the extra mile and the training they provide is excellent.”

Aico’s #AlarmsSaveLives campaign was launched in February 2019 to raise awareness and emphasise the importance of regularly testing Fire and CO alarms. As part of this drive to educate and inform, a variety of resources are available, including eye-catching posters and user cards highlighting how to test an Aico alarm system, by either pressing the test button on the individual unit or by using a control switch.

The nationwide campaign has received support from several local authorities and housing associations. Councillor Phillip O’Dell, Harrow Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, is supporting the campaign. He said: “It’s the most important button in the house – press it regularly for peace of mind. It’s a message we reinforce for our tenants all the time, and why we’re fully behind Aico’s campaign to encourage regular smoke detector testing.

“Thanks to our partnership with them, we’re now offering our most vulnerable tenants even more peace of mind, in the form of a combined smoke and heat alarm and a combined heat and carbon monoxide detector.”

Michael Gannon, Lead Engineer from Northwards Housing in Manchester, stated: “We encourage a weekly test of domestic alarms to ensure correct functionality; we have opted to use the Ei450 switch which makes this process easier. We support Aico’s campaign for regular testing across all properties.”

Aico has rapidly grown to become the recognised UK market leader in fire and carbon monoxide protection, with education, quality, service and innovation at the core of everything they do. Aico is always looking towards the future and will continue to pioneer in the latest technological advancements in sensor technology and advance the connected home, maintaining their position as the leader in home life safety, promoting best practice and engaging with their communities to deliver safer homes.

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