Innovative mental health boosting benches unveiled to mark Charity Patron’s Platinum Jubilee

The Fire Fighters Charity yesterday unveiled specially planted trees, plaques and innovative soundscape benches at its three UK centres to mark the Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II, its Patron of 69 years.

The Charity unfurled the bunting and proudly flew the Union Jack as it welcomed guests from local fire and rescue services and beneficiaries to its bases in Cumbria, West Sussex and Devon for a tea and cake celebration, culminating in the unveiling.

Speaking at the event at Jubilee House in Cumbria, the Charity’s Chief Executive, Dr Jill Tolfrey, said: “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has, as our Patron, been a loyal supporter of The Fire Fighters Charity for almost all of her 70 year reign. I’m delighted to be joining our beneficiaries and members of the local fire and rescue services, who are gathering today at our three centres across the UK, to mark the Platinum Jubilee and to unveil our new Echo Benches, as well as the trees we are planting as our contribution to the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative.”

The Charity commissioned Echo Benches at each of its three UK centres, they play a carefully curated and structured soundscape for those seated on them, which forms a guided breathing exercise to help calm the mind. The sounds were chosen by the Charity’s beneficiaries, who were asked to share the sounds they associate with positive memories and happiness.

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