Leadership and People Fire Standards out for consultation

The Fire Standards Board is pleased to announce that the two Leadership and People Fire Standards: Leading the Service and Leading and Developing People, are out for consultation and have been shared with services and all stakeholders.

Both fire standards have been developed to bring clarity about leadership roles and to establish expectations of leaders in leading their service and their people.

The fire standards are open for consultation until 9 September 2022. You can find out how to take part on the Consultations page.

The Board wish to thank all who support development work, take part in peer reviews and respond to its consultations.

Following initial peer review feedback, and after a discussion at the Fire Standards Board (FSB) in summer 2021, it was agreed that three standards covering both leadership and people management, should be considered together and developed in tandem.

Three standards were drafted and reviewed in Autumn 2021. After review, it was agreed by the FSB that there was significant overlap and duplication across the three standards. Therefore, it was proposed to condense the content from three to two standards covering leadership and people management. In addition, it was agreed the scope of those standards should be redefined.

It was also agreed that the NFCC Leadership Framework should be referenced in both the leadership and people standards because it sets out behavioural expectations at all levels.

The intent is that the two standards complement each other and will link to others within the full suite of fire standards.

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