London Fire Brigade’s Grenfell response: Working hard, but so much more to do

The Inspectorate has been busy during the pandemic, inspecting fire and rescue services’ response to Covid-19 (see page 15 for more). The inspectors from HMICFRS also found time to revisit London Fire Brigade (LFB) and check up on how it has been getting on with implementing the Grenfell Inquiry Phase 1 report recommendations.

The inspection report is 57 pages long and provides a lot of detail about how the 29 recommendations that fall specifically to LFB are being implemented. It is not an easy read, but to an extent that reinforces the point that this is not a simple ask. Operational response is complex and changing policy and procedure is not an overnight job.

Revisiting the analysis of the Phase 1 report in the December 2019 issue of FIRE is a salutary reminder of how much needed to be done and the weight of obligation that fell on LFB. This article looks at elements of the latest HMICFRS report to understand the developments since then.


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