In light of the increase in pressure being experienced by our emergency services during the pandemic, mental health charity, Mind, has re-launched its Blue Light Programme, offering advice and support specific to matters arising from working alongside Covid-19. The charity has produced a report that presents key findings from a survey of 3,812 people working or volunteering in the emergency services throughout the pandemic. The following is a snapshot of some of the findings:

  • Sixty-nine per cent of emergency responders feel their mental health has deteriorated as a result of the pandemic
  • Increased workloads and more exposure to traumatic events were cited as key reasons why mental health has gotten worse throughout the pandemic
  • Eighty-seven per cent of respondents said that not being able to see friends or family during the pandemic has impacted on their mental health, while 69 per cent of respondents told us that passing on Coronavirus to their loved ones was a significant worry or concern for them.


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